1. Legion of Mary started in Ireland by the servant of God Bro. Frank Duff : 07.09.1921
2. 1stPraesidium started in India in Chennai : 02.02.1931
3. 1stPraesidium in Pondicherry at Cathedral : 15.04.1945
4. 1st Curia in Pondicherry (elevated the Prae.) at Cathedral : 13.04.1947
5. 1stComitium in Pondicherry (elevated the Curia) at Cathedral : 08.09.1962
6. Comitium elevated to Senatus : 17.01.2004
7. Original boundary as on 17.01.2007 :The Arch Diocese ofPondy-Cuddalore and its suffrage diocese (Tanjore, Kumbakonam, Sale and Dharmapuri) and Madurai Arch Diocese and its suffrage dioceses (Trichy, Tuticorin, Sivagangai, Kottar and Palayamkottai)
8. At present our Senatus Boundary limited to Arch Diocese :Pondy-Cuddalore and its suffrage dioceses only.
9. Spiritual Director : Rev. Fr. A. Thomas M.A., M. Ed.,
10. Present Officers : President Sr. Jayaseeliselvam,
Vice-President Br. C. Antony,
Secretary S. Peter Francis,
Asst. Secretary Bro. Antony Raj,
Treasurer Sr. Sheela Joseph,
Asst. Treasurer Sr. Lumen Regi.
11. The Comitia under Pondicherry Senatus:Thanjavur, Kumbakonam, Salem, Dharmapuri, Villupuram and Viriyur.
12. Directly affiliated Praesidia and Curiae under Pondicherry Senatus listed below: CURIAE (D/A):Karaikal, Neyveli, Krishnankuppam, Vadalur, Youth Curia-Cathedral, Villianur, Cuddalore, Virudachalam, Tindivanam, Kottucherry.
13. Total No. of Legionaries active and auxiliary members:20212.
  • Mount Carmel Prae. (F) Cathedral.
  • Queen of Peace Prae. (F), Cathedral.
  • Our Lady of Immaculate Conception Prae. (M) Cathedral.
  • Our Lady of Mercy Prae. (F), SHC.
  • Our Lady of Assumption (F), Nellithope.
  • Our Lady of Immaculate Conception (F) Prae., Uppalam
  • Our Lady of Presentation (F) Prae.,Kurusukuppam.
  • Queen of Martyrs Prae., (F) T.V. Nagar.
  • Our Lady of Rosary Prae. (F), Muthialpet.
  • Queen of Heave (M), Nellithope.
  • Queen of Heaven Prae. (M), Uppalam.
  • Our Lady of Mercy Prae. (F) Tagore Nagar.
  • Mary Help of Xavier (F), Rainbow Nagar.
  • Our Lady of Immaculate Conception Prae. (Mix) Vinoba Nagar.
  • Queen of Victory Prae. (Mix), Bahoor.
  • Queen of Angles Prae., (Y), Nellithope.
  • Mary Help of Xavier Prae. (F), Kalapet (Refugees camp).
  • MadumathaPrae. (F), Kilputhupet.
  • Our Lady of Mercy Prae. (F), Govindasalai.

Our Programme
Sentatus 10th Anniversary

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Servant of God Br. Frank Duff

Frank Duff    :           Founder of the Legion of Mary
7th June 1889  :        Francis Michael Duff born (eldest of seven)
Parents           :          Mr. John Duff & Mrs. Susan Duff
Play/Games    :           Cycling, Tennis & Cricket.
18th Year        :          Joined the civil service taking 1st place in the Entrance Exam.
24th Year        :          October 1913 joined the St. Vincent De Paul Society.
Witnessed       :          Poverty, hunger, alcoholism and prostitution.
Reading          :           More spiritual and theological books.
Founded         :           New System of Calculus - later adopted by the Treasury in London.
1914                :           Frank commenced first personal apostolate visitation of houses.
1915                :           Joined the Third order of Carmelites.
1916                :           Wrote a booklet ‘Can we be Saints’ - (God implanted the desire to became a Saint).
1917                :           Read the book, ‘True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary’ written by
St. Louis Marie De Montfort – Legion of Mary born on 7th September 1921 at 100, Francis St., ‘Myra House’ with 15 women, Bro. Frank and  Rev. Fr. Toher, Rev. Fr. Creedon visited a prostitution house and appealed to 31 ladies to abandon their way of Life.  Frank arranged a retreat and 21 ladies moved and faith triumphed.
1932                :           1st International Eucharistic Congress held in Dublin-Frank retired from service to give complete attention our Legion.
1965                :           Frank attended the 2nd Vatican Council as a lay observer, an honour by Pope Paul VI affirmed his work for lay apostalate.
Languages known:    English, Irish, Latin, French and Greek.
At present      :           Legion spread in 170 countries with 40 million active and 50 million auxillary members.